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About Bulgaria

Interservice Bulgaria Ltd is a transport company offering pickup services from and to all Bulgarian Airports. We are sure you will love Bulgarian, because of its beauty and variety of natural attractions. We can bring you to any destination all over Bulgaria. To use our taxi services or order a transfer transport,just use the request form by clicking here. You may pay by credit card, pay palll. cash, or bank transfer.

Find bellow useful information abour Bulgaria.

National Flag:
White - Clarity, Hope, Nobility
GREEN - Freedom, Faith, Fruitfulness
RED - Braveness, Love, Strength

General information
Territory: 110 994 km 2; Population: 7 973 671; Capital: Sofia; Official language bulgarian
* Bulgarian Orthodox - 83,8%
* Muslim - 12,1%
* Roman Catholic - 1,7%
* Jewish - 0,1%
* Protestant, Gregorian-Armenian and other - 2,3%
Policy system: Parlamentary Republic
National currency: BG Lev

Time zone: GMT +2

Location: Bulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and occupies the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the north it borders on Romania, to the west on the Republic of Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, to the east on the Black Sea, to the south on Greece and to the southeast on Turkey's Europian part. Area: 111.000 sq km.

Relief: Extremly varied: large plains and lowlands, low and high mountains, valleys and lovely gorges.

Climate: Temperate continental with cleary marked four seasons. A Mediterranean influence is felt in the country's southern regions. The average annual temperature is 10.5C. The average January temperature is around 0C. Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30C.

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